Mother’s Day relaxation. 

After a number of busy weekends it was lovely to have a few peaceful hours on Mother’s Day  for a spot of guilt free sewing…well it’s not allowed to do housework on that day is it! 

Im a bit of an impatient sewer so wanted something that I could make & wear asap. The free pattern in issue 11 of Love Sewing was the perfect answer.  


A lovely classic little shaped jacket that I had the perfect piece of wool mix fabric for. It had been patiently waiting in my fabric stash for years & now was its time to show off its true colour. 

The plan for an unlined jacket changed once I started working, bit of an itchy feel😞. A lining with a bit of a wow needed. 

After attaching and under stitching the hemline of the back section and sleeves at cuff, I worked with the main fabric and and lining as if they were one piece.  


Voila! Loving the finished project. Fantastic pattern that’s quick & easy to follow. Sleeves were a dream to attach (the bit I dread most) so I’ll definitely be making more. 

Only adjustment I’d make next time is to taper the back waist in slightly

Glad I lined it as I love the flash of colour when I turn back the sleeves but if I’d have spent a bit more time thinking at the start I would have done a separate lining so seam finishings would have been hidden….as I said impatient sewer! 




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