Just icing a Christmas cake

ok I know it’s March & it’s not really a Christmas cake but I’m using up the left over packets of dried fruit, marzipan & rollout icing before they pass there best before date…I hate waste wether it be food or clothes! 

My husband says I’m a bit of a hoarder and I know I am when it comes to clothes! Even if something has a rip or is now out of style it may come in useful sometime😃


We all like the look & practicality of denim jeans. Having seen a picture somewhere of a patchwork rug made from jeans I started saving pairs past wearing to put to a new use. Making a patchwork enabled me to show different detail of the initial garment.  


I unpicked pockets, hems & seams before pressing & cutting into strips. Sewing the strips together to make squares. Covering a tatty old fabric footstool gave it a new lease of life! The denim theme didn’t stop there, left over bits were added to cushion covers too. Just waiting for the next old jeans to make some more😃 


I’ve always liked waistcoats so I’ve had to make some of those too! A denim one of course 


This is a great pattern for fitted waistcoat, love the halter neck design.

Secondly a leather one, what else can u do when a naughty dog (I’m sure you’ll hear about what he gets up to frequently on this blog) rips  your favourite jacket…well you chop the ripped bits off, make some darts, bind the edges….. 

and keep the sleeves just incase you can make something else out of them! 

Now where’s that Christmas cake…. 



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