Spring is in the air


The clocks have changed and the garden seems to be waking up. The sun isn’t always shining but with the daffs flowering it means that my birthday is approaching…..which of course means the need for a new dress!

Yellow isn’t a colour I would normally choose to wear myself but fell in love with this fabric when I popped into Fabricland in Portsmouth last year. 

I could just picture the design around the bottom of a 50’s style full skirted dress. The problem is how exactly am I going to do it, the design is repeated closely along the edge of the fabric

For my 1st attempt I’ve decided to iron fold lines between each dog to use as guidelines to place darts to shape the skirt. It works in my head but I’ll have to see what happens.  

That’s as far as the sewing has got for now as it was moving weekend for our second home…our little caravan😃 it’s spent the last 6months in Southsea, Portsmouth so I’ll miss the walks along the long seafront but our neighbours at our new site look friendly enough. 

  Of course I couldn’t leave Portsmouth without visiting Fabricland again (they still have some yellow poodles!) and picking up a few more bargains



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