Sewing plans


 well I planned to sew all over Easter but things like making profiteroles just seemed to get in the way, very tasty they were too though! 

Since then time has just flown so sewing has been in short bursts & the only reason I’ve managed to find the time to write this now is because I’m sat in the car waiting to be rescued…last 3 petrol stations closed & car says 0miles left so I’ve pulled in at a safe spot & sent out an sos😠

Anyway back to the sewing. In my last blog I explained my plan for a birthday dress with the poodle fabric. Wanting to keep the design around the bottom of full skirt but not being a fan of lots of gathers around my waist I found inspiration from Matt Chapple & the dress he made for the final of this years Sewing Bee……it was all about the angles! 

So I started by pressing the fabric into panels then drawing angles to make darts to reduce the fullness for the waistline. By doing this in sections it ment I could check I was avoiding the pretty bits! 



Final fit to my waist measurement was made with box pleats, ready to attach to a bodice. I was most pleased by my pattern matching at the back seam…


I’m happy that the skirt is looking like the vague picture I had in my head & the rescue party (one man, his dog & a full petrol can!) is here so I’ll be back soon to tell u about the rest😃


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