The Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition is definitely worth a visit if your looking for inspiration. His journey from an apprentice tailor to innovative designer where his collections expressed influences of history & nature displayed in his distinctive silhouettes. 

I loved being able to see up close how the clothes were constructed to compliment the body form. Although many, such as the ones made of shells or ones with antlers, are not what you could walk down the street in (mind you working in Totnes nothing would surprise me!) I could see how elements were transferred from the catwalk to mainstream. My inspiration came from the collection based on McQueen’s Scottish heritage.  


I love the mixture of wool tartan & lace in the Widows of Calloden collection so there was my spark of inspiration….

  A high waisted skirt with the addition of lace & leather. I’ve made this skirt before, lengthening it to below the knee, & find the shape flattering but this time I wanted the design at an angle so it was a bit of an experiment to see if it would work on a bias cut.    


The tartan was a remnant that has been tucked away in a box for years. Once sewn the lace was draped & pinned in place before cutting the randomly shaped edge which was then stitched in place with black then contrast thread before adding a leather appliqué….cut from remains of a leather jacket that the daft dog took a dislike too😕 


So that’s my McQueen inspired skirt. Really enjoyed experimenting & only thing I would change is the zip. Having put an invisible zip in the side seam it doesn’t lay flat due to bias cut so considering removing it, adding more leather appliqué with eyelets for a a lace up closure  



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