Sun, rain, sun, rain….

This weather just can’t seem to make up its mind; one day it’s shorts & flip flops the next jackets & boots! With a day at the races looming I decided a dressy jacket (to go with my slightly over the top hat!!) was needed just in case but something different from the blazer style I wear frequently wear to work. 

I love looking back to fashions of all eras & bought this costume pattern, Simplicity 1558  a while back because I love the shape of the jacket & corset. 

I cut a straight size 12 knowing this would probably be snug on the waist but I don’t intend to wear done up! I also decided to omit the back lacing detail & decorative fastening on front. 


With a bargain £5 remnant of heavy black satin I managed to just squeeze the pieces in including the centre front lining section. 

Without the fastening details the lining is made up the same as the main body so as I went through instructions I stitched the corresponding seams in both. Following I’ve instructions carefully & actually doing the stay stitching ment I could snip the seams where needed to add the collar smoothly & easily. 


The sleeves on this jacket has darts but I decide not to sew then & to just pleat along the line instead. I love the effect & fullness it gives. 



So that’s my version of this lovely jacket. Lots of pattern pieces but if you follow the instructions it’s reasonably easy to put together and produces a lovely shape. i haven’t added any means of doing up but if I decide to I think it will be just small hook & eyes on the inside so it’s kept hidden.

Not the best photos I’m afraid as it’s currently pouring with rain & a bit dull but hopefully I’ll get some of me wearing it next week at Ladies Day😃



2 thoughts on “Sun, rain, sun, rain….

  1. Lovely! I have been looking at this pattern for a while. How did you find the pattern? What construction easy? Might have to go with this one next. I am currently attempting Simplicity 1299 jacket pattern. Will start blogging it next week probably if you fancy popping over. It looks lovely honestly I really like alot of these costume patterns.

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