Dressing the part.. 

The sun shone & it was a perfect day, didn’t really need to wear the jacket from my last blog but with my dress & hat it was the finishing touch to make me feel the part for Ladies Day! 

 I had thought about wearing a dress I already had but excitement took over & the fabric shop was on. There are so many pretty florals out there at the moment that I was spoilt for choice then a roll of Aztec design stretch cotton just leapt out at me. The lovely lady in the little shop was amused that I could consider this fabric for a trip to Royal Ascot but the colours were just perfect (I’ll be sure to take her a pic!) 

With stretch fabric in hand I planned to use the  Eliza M Eva dress pattern that I fell for as soon as I saw it in Love Sewing mag. This fantastic close fitting dress uses a combination of darts to give its shape. I cut a size 10 across shoulders but graded out to size 12 in side seams as I’m narrow shouldered and between a 10 & 12 on bust/waist.  

 Tracing the pattern out I decided to make a few changes to customise the look; changing the neckline to a ‘v’ at the front/back then extending the centre back seam & heamline to produce a tail effect. This was a bit of an experiment but thought I could always chop it back off if I didn’t like it😃 I also decide to move zip to side seam as I find it easier when I have to fit something to myself…so much easier to pin myself in! 

Cutting out first in a similar black fabric. I cut to the hip length so I could use as the lining and transferred the makings and adjustments. 


Only adjustment needed was to take the side seam back down to approx size 10 under the arm. Changes made, both the lining & main fabric had shoulder seams joined then the two fabrics pinned right sides together around neckline. This was stitched & edge stitched before stitching around armhole.  

   With those seams sewn to produce the straps, the curved seams a were snipped & the back pieces could then be pulled though to the front before pressing.  

 The back & side seams were sewn next then I could see if the tail worked! With the back longer that the front I realised a bit of contrast was needed so out came the chalk again.  Measuring a triangle that fitted into the back seam to produce a godet.  

This was sewn in then the back skirt section was marked out again to produce a lining that was machine sewn around hemline, to encase raw edges, & hand stitched up though back of dress to invisibly fix in place.  


Overall I was happy with my finished dress but I think it would have been better slightly more fitted on the hips & I plan to edge stitch the tail pleats so they fall instantly back in the right place. 

 I will definitely use the Eva dress pattern,  without my alterations, to make some summery wiggle dresses…. After all I did see all those lovely florals🌹


2 thoughts on “Dressing the part.. 

  1. Wow. What an awesome outfit! The dress is simply stunning, I love your alterations. Jacket is lovely and well made and the hat is like the icing on the cake. Did you make that as well?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. The hat was totally different that I thought I’d buy but it was suggested by the assistant & as soon as I put it on it just said Ascot😃 Maybe one day I’ll try making one!!!


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