Mr Bs’ big birthday

Sewing has taken a back seat the last couple of weeks as there was a big birthday in the house. Time was spent sorting surprises, baking scones & making bunting…well you have to have bunting at a party don’t you!! 

I decided to do it a little different but it went down well so I thought I’d share. My personalised bunting was made up of collages of photos of Mr B from over the decades. Including the odd embarrassing one of course! These were then laminated just in case the bbq weather didn’t hold out & simply strung together with ribbon.  

It was a great look back over the years & talking point for our guests. 

After a lovely day spent with family & friends it was time to whisk the birthday boy off on his surprise trip, a few days in Barcelona. It’s a wonderful city & I’ll write more about that once I’ve sorted the pics. 

Like visits to all busy places it’s important to keep your valuables safe at hand & not wanting to carry a handbag, that might be mislaid after the odd Sangria, I took my little belt pouch that I made for Glastonbury last year.  

Made from off cuts from an old pair of jeans (you may have seen on my earlier blog that I chopped up a pile of old jeans to recover a foot stool) it was an easy quick make. The loops on the top means it can be threaded onto belt with either side on show. The zip up section is just big enough to hold a phone, passports & a small purse. The recycled jeans back pocket on the other side is handy for less important bits like my plasters…we did a lot of walking!!

Of course while we walked I people watched taking note of the fashions; there was lots of lace tops & dresses. High waisted shorts were popular with the younger generation. I loved these but they were a little high cut in the leg as well as the waist so I think that’s best kept for the younger ones & I’ll make some with a bit more coverage😃 There was a real vintage vibe too with lovely little boutiques. Alas this wasn’t a shopping trip & with only a few days we couldn’t  do everything….I suppose we will just have to back again! 



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