All about the fit

part of the reason I decided to blog was to make myself take the time to get things right so with a couple of structured gowns in the pipeline for later in the year getting the fit right is becoming more important! 

So for this weeks sewing I’ve tried out a full bust adjustment…not as confusing as I feared. I realised on my last make that this is an adjustment that would benefit my shape so have made the same sleeveless shell top again to compare. I used the instructions in the Sewing Bee book, Fashion with Fabric, but I’m sure there are plenty of other good sources online.  

Happily I managed to squeeze it in on this lovely piece of fabric which I won from The Avid Seamstress earlier this year. It’s a fantastic quality fabric that feels cool to the touch. 

It all seemed to be going well! Instead of my normal rush I carefully followed the  pattern, matched seams, slowly top stitched…then I tried on & realised I must have drawn the darts wrong, oops.

Unpicker out, luckily adjustment could be done without taking all apart. I’d transferred the markings for old dart onto fabric instead of the new onešŸ˜ž

Not perfect yet but this one feels a better fit so on the right track. Practice makes perfect 



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