Holiday skirt

 The notebook came out after our trip away. I usually find something to give me ideas…the fashions worn, activities done or just the sights seen! 

Luckily my sewing usually looks better than my scribbles😃 High waisted shorts were popular & I think these could be a future make. The curves of the Gaudi architecture & his influences from nature have given me an idea for a dress with curves & structure with possibly embroidery & panels of different shades. A lot more thought needs to go into that but my idea for a skirt jumped to the top of my list after seeing an unusual camouflage effect fabric in a local store. 

Carrying passports & money safely in a money belt I thought I’d try and incorporate it into a skirt. So out came the skirt blocks I made last year on a course at Social Fabric (this is where the fabric came from too) and the tracing started.  

Tracing off the top section of the skirt to form a yoke I wanted this as a shaped piece without darts so the darts were slashed, overlapped & taped before adding seam allowances and cutting out of calico to fit. Once the fit was checked I cut the front & back yoke then re-drew the front yoke pattern marking the zip line. This line was then cut to produce 2piece front yoke section as well.  A zip was then inserted along this line before sewing the two front yokes together to produce a pouch.  


Finally the lower skit sections were attached, side seams sewn & a zip closure added. Instead of a traditional waistband I extended it so it could be tied in a knot or bow to add interest to the back  

I’m happy with how it turned out & when worn with a loose top you can’t see the pouch at all… now all I need is another holiday✈️😎 



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