Holiday shirt

for a change I thought I’d sew something for Mr B instead of myself. 

A few years ago he picked up a tunic style shirt from a street market in Thailand. It was only a couple of pounds & was ideal to throw on at the beach when he strolled up to the bar to get me a cocktail!  

As you can see from the pic it been well worn & is looking a little worse for wear. It’s a basic shape so out came the tracing paper.  

Following the seam lines to get the shape & then adding the seam allowance. I even got serenaded as I cut it out🎶 

The fabric is a lovely soft seersucker fabric from Minerva crafts which is currently on sale so hurry up to grab some. I bought it in the Aqua too but I may have to pinch that for myself. 

With everything cut out, interfacing was added to the collar & neck facing pieces before stitching. This was the fiddly bit so I took my time sewing, top stitching & clipping seams on the collar & neck opening.  

The next step was to attach the collar..3 attempts later the collar was finally attached perfectly 

Only to find Mr B’s head was too big… or the shirt neck opening was too small! I couldn’t face the unpicking but luckily there was enough fabric left to recut. 

Having redone, & got back to the same stage it was, it’s time to add the sleeves. These were added before sewing up the side seam & I find when easing the fullness of a sleeve into the armhole it helps to fold fabric over my finger as I pin.  

Sleeves added it was just the hemming to do & the shirt was finished 


Happy with the finished result & just waiting to see the finished article on to decide if there are any changes I want to make before sewing more. I’ve plenty of time after all… Summer seems to have ended here & we don’t have our sun holiday until the middle of winter.

As for the version that his head didn’t like, well I can get it on so a little adaptation & I’ll have a top for the beach too!!! 



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