Simplicity meet up


Well today was the day & although I wasn’t feeling my best I was so excited to be attending. It was a great chance to meet like minded people, put faces to the blogs & learn from May Martin (who I must say is a lovely lady). 

I arrived early & sat in a coffee bar watching people pass, guessing who was on route to the meet! I was sure no one would recognise me from my blog so resisted the urge to wave frantically when I saw Scruffy Badger pass by. 

May started the day by telling us a little bit about herself, her training, her work & how surprised she was to find herself becoming a judge on Great British Sewing Bee before moving on to demonstrate various techniques & pass on some of her tips.

I think we all learnt something new & everyone was encouraged to join in asking questions before posing for photo or 2! 


Much to my surprise a couple ladies did recognise me from the Bloggers challenge😃 I got to talk to so many interesting people, some of which I realised I already follow on Twitter or their blogs.

 With tea, cakes, sewing chat & a goodie bag..what more could I ask for! Ok maybe a bit of fabric shopping would make it even better so a quick stop off at Berwick Street happened & these lovely bargains were picked up from Misan Textiles

Thank you Simplicity for the invite, I look forward to your next meet up😃


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