Blast from the past

Last month I was lucky enough to be featured in a Q&A on Minerva crafts and it got me thinking about how all this sewing started. 

We had sewing lessons in school back then but I can’t say they were very inspiring. The first garment I remember being told to make was an a-line sleeveless nighty with scratchy bias around the armholes & silly little patch pockets. Of course I can see now that it was designed to teach us a variety of techniques but back as a girl of 12, maybe 13, I thought it was awful and I decided I could find something better to make myself. So off I went and picked a simple blouse pattern plus a length of lilac cotton, shortly followed by a piece of black.  I was so proud of my creations, I wore them & wore them. The blouses are long gone but I still have that pattern.  

So with this nostalgic feeling out came that pattern again and surprisingly the size it was cut to still fits so that just had to be the next project. 

With a bit of juggling I just managed to squeeze the pattern pieces onto one of the odd shaped remnants purchased on my last trip to London. I love the blue and the print with the little birds of this fabric and it feels amazing. It’s viscose challis, lovely to work with & a bargain find for only £3 in the Basement at Misan Textiles 

I think the little pink buttons I decided on give it retro feel. With only 4 pattern pieces & no darts it’s a really quick make….well it was this time I’m not sure it would have been back in the 80’s😃

One thought on “Blast from the past

  1. Lovely to read about your first sewing attempts – sounds like you were completed right to try your own ideas. We did sewing too but all I remember is snapping lots of needles and using the machine for uninspiring items like toilet bags and cushions, without really learning any of the basics.
    Your new/vintage blouse is really lovely and the fabric colours are gorgeous.

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