Time running away

My blog has been neglected, my sewing machine has been motionless & not a piece of fabric has been cut over the last month. Every bit of spare time has been dedicated to making myself go for a run. Many  people have said I would start to find it addictive….I’m still waiting for that feeling but it’s all been for a good cause. 

So after months of training last weekend Mr B & myself travelled to Amsterdam to run the Mizuno Halve Marathon. Not something I ever thought I would do & it didn’t really feel real until we were at the start line. Too late to back out then. 

It was a cold, damp, misty day but once we started the atmosphere was far from chilly. We ran in aid of  Cancer Research UK & it was a real motivation when a couple fellow runners, who were cancer survivors, ran along side to thank us & cheer us on. 


Having felt the effect cancer has had on family members, friends & clients it’s a charity close to our hearts. 

I was glad we picked Amsterdam for our 1st race of that distance, not only because it was almost completely flat but because it all came to an end in the Olympic stadium. The last few kilometres had been hard work but running around the track to cross the line surrounded by supporters helped spur us on. 

The hard work done we could relax & enjoy the rest of the trip. A spot of sightseeing; a gentle stroll along the quiet canals (with our aching limbs a gentle stroll was about all we could manage!), tram rides through the hectic centre and a spot of liquid refreshment at the Heineken Experence…. for medicinal purposes of course. 

Topped off with some fantastic food & a romantic candlelit cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  

After a lovely break it was time to return home, get back to work & chase a few more donations…oh & collect the daft dog from his hols too. 

  Think he looks pleased to be home 😃

2 thoughts on “Time running away

  1. Well done and such a withy cause. I started the couch to 5k a few weeks ago and the sewing has taken a back seat too, but managed to make a couple of things last week which felt good. Is it a full marathon next? 🏃

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    1. Thanks. I used the couch to 5k app last summer when I had just started & really found it helped. Keep going! I’d love to say I’d do a full marathon one day but I really don’t know how I would fit the training in

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