Hope u all had a fantastic festive season. 

For us it’s all about family & like many families we have our little traditions. When my children were little I always made my girls a new dress for the celebrations and my son would often get a cute little waistcoat. 

Last Christmas, after the birth of grandbaby number 2, I thought this was a tradition that needed to be reborn. This year I found the cutest little owl cotton at my local remnant shop, dug the old waistcoat pattern out the box & spotted a perfect little dress pattern in the Burda sale. 

I love the shorter dress with the frilly pants (I can see some of these will have to be done for the summer) but as she would probably be wearing tights I opted for the longer version. The dress should be faced with bias but instead I added a lining as a facing which added warmth too. To do this I just duplicated the dress & attached around neck & armholes before the side & centre back seams. 


Both patterns were really easy to make & quick..although as usual in the Christmas rush I was running out of time so the machine came to work with me! Buttonholes between clients…what else would u expect from a sewing hairdresser😃



3 thoughts on “Traditions 

  1. Brilliant that you squeezed in finishing it at work, bet your clients loved it! ✂️ And I bet they looked adorable!
    I used to take my sewing machine to work in the days when we weren’t as busy on night (I’m a paramedic) 😃

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