Party frock 

When I saw Croft Mill’s tweet about a Sew an share competition that was all the encouragement I needed to make myself a party dress. I recommend you to take a look at the link as there is still time to enter! 


This pattern was one of my 12 patterns received as my prize from the Simplicity Bloggers Challange and I had just the fabric in mind, although I did find that it was a bit more transparent than expected so I choose to line as well. 

I lined by cutting the front & back pieces as the dress & sewing as one but this did make it slightly bulky on gathered neckline so it would probably have been better to have drafted a lining using the facings.  


I love the casual but dressy feel of this dress, especially the useful pockets! The cold shoulders, although a little fiddly to do, really make the dress feel different along with the open back. 

I’ve already worn this to a couple of different festive events & will be packed for my hols☀️I think versions of the other views need to be added to my future sewing list too!  



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