I know my sewing list is already looking pretty full this year but having just read A Stitching Odyssey‘s blog about this years Vintage Pledge I just have to join in! 

So I pledge to make at least one vintage pattern this year.

 I know just the pattern I am going to finally use & I already have the perfect fabric, a bargain find from last year!

The cheese plant leaves on the design just seem to scream 70’s to me, probably because I can remember my mum having one of these plants when I was a child, so it seems perfect for this 1973 pattern. Unfortunately i don’t have enough fabric for the jumpsuit so it will have to be the shorter dress this time. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s pledges & makes😃

So it’s 2016..

 A bit delayed but happy new year.

We have be been lucky enough to have spent the first 2 weeks of this year catching some sun & recharging our batteries..


Now it’s back to reality & time to look at the year to come.  It looks like it’s going to be a busy one. 

With a daughters wedding in just over 9 months (not that she reminds me much😃)  most of my sewing time is going to revolve abound that. I’m sure I will share the odd snippet on here along the way especially the Mother of the Bride outfit. I’m still in the confused stage at the mo…….green? Purple? Fitted? Floaty? Suit? Dress? Hat?

Still a wedding is a good excuse to look at all the stunning fabrics you wouldn’t think of using everyday. 


Just in case I need to switch off from the wedding chaos it will be good to have a totally different project on the go too and I spotted this challenge on Twitter 


What a great great idea. There is still time to join in and you can find all the details here on  Male Devon Sewing’s blog With a good time frame I hope to fit it in a bit at a time so I went out and found a pattern. I love the shape of this jacket, I feel it has got the smartness of a blazer but the casual look of a coat. 

It does mean I’ll have to look at even more fabric but I’ll cope! After all Mr B deserves it, he’s currently sat working hard on a Sunday…..well he’s got to save up to take me back to the sun next winter😃

Made with love

Having made this cot quilt for my grandson a couple of years ago I thought this Christmas it was about time I made one for his little sister too.


When I made this one I cut the fabric into strips myself but this time I found a roll of precut fabrics from Craft Cotton. I loved the selection of colours and designs. This saved me the time of co-ordinating the selection myself too!

I did however decide to add a plain fabric in too so this had to be cut to a matching width. I mark my guide with masking tape use a rotary cutter & board to do this to make sure all the strips are straight & even. 

This is a very basic form of patchwork but I love the effect it produces and is pretty quick to put together.. Good job too as I’m sure Christmas comes around quicker every year! 

To start with I join 2 strips together press then measure width so I can cut into exact squares. 


These were then simply joined together randomly in alternate directions, to produce strips to stitch around the central panel. I got so engrossed at this point I forgot to take any pics! 

To finish off I backed the patchwork with fleece & edged with bias tape to make into a cosy blanket.  


With the extra squares I managed to make a matching pillowcase & even a set for dolly too😃