Made with love

Having made this cot quilt for my grandson a couple of years ago I thought this Christmas it was about time I made one for his little sister too.


When I made this one I cut the fabric into strips myself but this time I found a roll of precut fabrics from Craft Cotton. I loved the selection of colours and designs. This saved me the time of co-ordinating the selection myself too!

I did however decide to add a plain fabric in too so this had to be cut to a matching width. I mark my guide with masking tape use a rotary cutter & board to do this to make sure all the strips are straight & even. 

This is a very basic form of patchwork but I love the effect it produces and is pretty quick to put together.. Good job too as I’m sure Christmas comes around quicker every year! 

To start with I join 2 strips together press then measure width so I can cut into exact squares. 


These were then simply joined together randomly in alternate directions, to produce strips to stitch around the central panel. I got so engrossed at this point I forgot to take any pics! 

To finish off I backed the patchwork with fleece & edged with bias tape to make into a cosy blanket.  


With the extra squares I managed to make a matching pillowcase & even a set for dolly too😃



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