Lost sewjo

Having sadly lost our big black daft dog a couple weeks ago I’ve felt at a bit of a loss at times & totally missing my motivation to sew. I don’t know if it’s due to the lack of interruptions of squeaky toys & puppy dog eyes but my sewing room has seemed a little too quiet to sit for an evening. 

I have been keeping busy with my daughters crafting for the up coming wedding but decided I’d find myself a quick sew to get back into the swing of it. Raiding the fabric pile I found this knit that I must have purchased over a year ago.


I didn’t have an exact plan for it when I bought it, hence getting left in the fabric heap, but loved it’s loose weave & silky feel. I have a shortage of tops again, I don’t know where my clothes go off & hide, so thought I’d replace a overworn batwing tshirt. 

Firstly I measured the depth of the band I wanted around the hips, doubled it & cut this strip off the bottom of fabric. I then folded the remaining fabric lengthwise, the folded edge being the shoulder line. 

Marking the centre I used the old shirt as a guide for neckline & for the width at the bottom   & cuff edges before making a curved shape for the side seam. 

The left over pieces were used to cut rectangle pieces to use for cuffs & bias strips to edge the neckline. Cutting complete! 

So to the sew. Joining bias strips together to make a circle the same radius as the neck opening, I then folded the band widthways and attached used a stretch stitch, before top stitching close to seam line to give a flat finish.

After sewing side seams I then took the long strip. Measuring hips for size I joined the narrower edges together to form a tube, folded in half (wrong sides together) and tried on for fit. Happy with snugness this was then added to hemline of top.

The smaller rectangles were constructed in the same way but made to fit as cuffs & attached to the sleeves. 

So that was a quick sew! Not sure if it’s a dress or a top but love it’s versatility & how it hangs. The cuffs are a little to baggy so may take off & redo or just wear folded back. 

Will definitely make some more of these and possibly try some ribbed fabric for the bands with a woven for the body…..so many ideas I think I’ve found my sewjo again 😃



2 thoughts on “Lost sewjo

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog, pets do leave such a big hole when they are no longer there. Your top/dress looks great – I really like the cuffs folded back so I don’t think I’d unpick them! The neckline is lovely. Hope this sees the return of your sew jo. Mine disappeared at the beginning of the year but I seem to be getting back on track at last.


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