Sunday Sevens 

  Sitting on the train catching up on reading everyone’s blogs. I enjoy seeing everyone’s posts on Sunday Sevens & think it’s a great idea to look back at pics of the great things you have done or seen in the past week.  

I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging every week & I’m always taking pics so thought I’d have ago! 

  1. The week started with Mother’s Day & I really enjoy spending time with all the family. We had a lovely afternoon tea & I felt very spoilt.     
  2. We actually finished the invites for my younger daughter’s wedding.  Now that they are actually sent out I can finally share a pic.                             
  3. It was real team work with myself & both daughters on the production line & keeping my little grand kiddies occupied!   
  4. As a hairdresser my working day is never the same and I really enjoy the transformations.   
  5. Travelling by train means you get to enjoy the view   
  6. It’s great to get out in the sunshine. We walked miles along the Thames, it was beautiful.   
  7. Well earned refreshments & warm enough to to sit in the beer garden!   

So that was my week, I can’t believe I did so much. 

I can’t promise I’ll remember to do this every Sunday, as its already Tuesday, but I enjoyed looking back so I’ll try😃


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