Sunday Sevens #2

It’s Sunday & I’ve remembered!

1. My week started with a free day in London. Having read Vivienne Westwood’s book earlier in the year I’ve been wanting to visit her shop on King’s Road. I can see why it’s called Worlds End, my that road seems to go on forever! It’s a cute little shop with a compact but varied range of goodies to gaze at.  


    2. After a nice day of walking, I rested my tired legs with a nice glass of Pimms, & watched the sunlight fade against The Tower while waiting for Mr B to meet me.                 

    • Back in Devon it’s lovely to see the sea & the blue sky even though it’s raining as well!   
    • It’s great to getting home from work in daylight even though the sun is starting to set as I pull in the drive.   
    • This cheeky boy came into the salon to see me so I got my fix of puppy cuddles for this week.   
    • Saturday evening with Mr B, a cosy end to the working week.   
    • Today is the first day of Spring so I made the most of the bright, dry & slightly chilly weather to tidy up the garden. It’s lovely to see the first flowers of the year.   

    It’s been a busy week so time to put my feet up now or maybe do a spot of Sunday sewing😃


    6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #2

      1. It’s great to think about all the good things that happen, however small. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s so as I haven’t had much sewing time to blog about I thought I’d take part to get back in the blogging habit!


      1. Thanks for following my blog! It’s lovely to see the spring starting although it seems to have been hiding the last couple days. The pup is cute but just a visitor as it belongs to one of my clients. The VW shop was really interesting although a lot smaller than I expected, I had a good nose around but my purse stayed closed!!


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