Sunday Sevens #3

Happy Easter everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend despite the weather in some places. 

Having had sunshine at the beginning of the week, it dragged me out of bed early for a run & I was surprised how lovely & quiet it was.  

I did a spot of baking too. When i do get around to making something it always reminds me how much I enjoy it. I can’t believe I used to make bread, pizzas & everything when my children were little, how did I find the time! I need to do it more often as it was very yummy even though I say so myself😃 

With such clear nights it’s been chilly but It been a lovely sight seeing the moon so bright from my window. Unfortunately my pic doesn’t show it as good as I saw it 

We had an exciting day in the salon this week when I was introduced to this little puppy, well he’s more of a fluffball than a puppy & we think he looks like a lion.  Soooo cute I’m sure you’ll agree

Good Friday was a beautiful day in Devon & I managed to sneak out the salon between clients to have a wonder around the market. The bank holiday & weather had certainly bought the traders & shoppers out; it was buzzing which is always such a lovely atmosphere to stroll around in.  

Having felt a bit under the weather for a few days the lurgy finally took over at the weekend so a bit of a duvet day was needed. Curled up on the sofa, listening to the rain beating against the window & watching a Disney movie (i was to lazy to move to see what else was on but it’s good to be a big kid sometimes!) was just the afternoon I needed.  

Managed to end the week with an Easter Sunday stroll along along the river & watch a bit of a boat race. These poor canoeists had everything thrown at them as we sheltered under the trees; rain, wind, hail mixed in with bursts of sun. We weren’t sure what the race distance was but with supporters on the banks armed with flapjack, chocolate & drinks it was obviously not a quick paddle.  

So that’s my week. Having had no wifi the last few days I’m looking forward to catching up on everyone else’s Sunday Sevens now😃 


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