Vintage Pledge 

Back in January I pledged that I would make at least one vintage make. A very small pledge I know but with everything else on my list this year I decided to be realistic, so I’m very chuffed with myself that I’ve actually got around to it already. Mind you with our weather it may be a while before I wear it!

The fabric was one of the remnants I picked up from Misan Fabrics last year. If you haven’t visited their store it’s well worth going & popping down into the remnant basement to rummage around. I’m not exactly sure of the fibre content of this piece but it’s so soft and cool to the touch, perfect for sipping cocktails by the pool!

The pattern dates to 1973 and shows the original cost as 50p. As with all vintage patterns it comes as a single size with nicely marked cutting & stitch lines. Having pinned the pattern pieces together to fit I was reasonably confident that no alterations were needed but added an inch to the side seams at the waistline edge just incase a little extra ease was needed.

As it was I didn’t need the extra as the skirt fitted fine. I also extended the bodice section at the side to match. In the end I kept the extra on the bodice pieces as the original line would have exposed a little to much bare flesh😕

The construction was straightforward. The bodice was sewn as two seperate  pieces then attatched to the skirt, which was made up of four panels with back darts & a zip closure, before adding the back facing.

With pouring rain outside &  me still suffering with the lurgy I thought it best that Dolly did the modelling for now.

I’ll wait for the sunshine to get pics of me in it. I like the details of the gathers & underbust shaping so think I may have to go in search of fabric to make the jumpsuit version now 😃



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