Sunday Sevens #6 

After a very hectic week at work I’m enjoying looking back to see I did manage to enjoy some time out of the salon! 

Since my last Sunday Sevens I’ve had a birthday. The day was celebrated with a day out in London with Mr B. The sun shone , the wind blew & the snow fell… I’ve had most weather conditions on my birthday over the year but not usually all on the same day! 

My day finished with an amazing meal. 

Then came the very wet bank holiday weekend. Plymouth hosted the start of the Transat, so we made a trip to Plymouth Barbican to view the boats.Then on the following day we ventured to the coastline again & battled the elements to see the start. Difficult to see the boats out there, just past the breakwater, but those brave skippers are lining up ready to start the 3,000 mile solo. 

Luckily the weather hasn’t been all bad & I’ve managed to enjoy a bit of sun on my walk into work. 

As I’ve said its been a hectic week of work but I do enjoy when I get to help someone feel great for a special day. 

What better way to finish the week than tea & cake beside the sea. 😃


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #6 

  1. Happy Birthday! Love your coat in the London pic! Think we need a close up of it in next week Sunday sevens, but then on the other hand hope the sun is out so you won’t need a coat! Looks like you’ve had a fab week with lots of yummy food and eventually some sunshine 😎

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    1. Thanks😊 It’s been beautiful down here in Devon but I think that’s why everyone decided they needed their hair done! Looks like the coat will be coming back out as just seen its due to get cold again.

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