Ready, steady, go…..

Woohooo the Sewing Bee is back next week. It’s the only program I purposely sit down to watch each episode & it seems like we have been waiting so long for the new series.

So in celebration I thought I’d set myself my own little Challange as the perfect pattern is included in this months Sew Magazine, a top that can be made in an hour. 

I am in need of more tops & with this pattern needing barely more than a metre I had a few suitable remnants. I chose style C which (instead of doing a FBA for this quick make) cut in a size 8 across the shoulders, for my narrow back, then a 12 bust/ waist down to a 10 hips. Pattern traced & cut, I applied the interfacing in preparation. 

Machine on, I set the timer….

So off I went sewing away, instructions in front of me, finishing edges as I went. All was going great until I realized I was following the instructions for the sleeved version..aaahhhhh. Out comes the seam ripper 😩 

That will teach me for not reading through first! Deconstruction complete. Time ticking away, back to the sewing.  Of course that’s when the bobbin decides to run out.

Step away from the machine, your time is up. Half way down the second side seam the hour is up. 

It took me about another 20 minutes to hem & do the hand stitching so without the mistakes maybe I’ll manage to do the next one quicker. 

 Like the shape of this style & will make the others too. The size I cut worked well but I think I’ll take in very slightly under arms.  It feels comfortable & I’m wearing it for work today, in fact that’s where these pics are taken so sorry for the slightly creased look & distracted expression 😃


4 thoughts on “Ready, steady, go…..

  1. Looks really good on you and you’ll definitely be able to make it an hour next time! I’ve had this pattern sitting at home for a long time and never used it – I should give it a go!

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  2. Looks lovely on you, a perfect little top and a quick make! I’m making view and I did exactly the same thing as you. I couldn’t believe I had to unpick it all to attach the facing! Interesting to hear your pattern adjustments, I’m making a 10 with a FBA.

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