Sunday Sevens #7

Well I actually had time to post this on a Sunday but it has been a fortnight since my last one! 

Not sure where the year is going but actually got around to using my Christmas pressie from Mr B, a spa voucher. So off I went to a very nice golf & country club for a day of pampering. 

This little fluff ball spent some time with us in the salon again, he’s into chewing everything now.

There was no time for blogging last weekend as I had the grandkiddies. Sunday was spent picnicking by the Thames & feeding the ducks. 

Then we made use of some lovely gardens on Monday to tire them out before the drive home! 

As well as plenty of space for them to run about there was also a wonderful view of the lake. 

We had a family get together for my cousins 40th birthday, seeing relatives we hadn’t seen for ages & having a few goes at skittles!

To end my week we went for a shopping trip to Exeter. 

Until the next time, enjoy your week😃


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #7

    1. Thank u. I used to take my dog with me to work most days & he stayed out in the staff room, this little fluff ball belongs to my stylist & pops in. Clients love to be able to bring their dogs😃

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