Sewing space

I decided this morning that it was the day to reorganise my sewing room. 

Yes I know I’m very lucky to have a whole room. Gone are the years I spent squeezed on the edge of the dining room table with little ones playing around my feet. Sticky fingers trying to help. Cutting out was delayed till after there bedtime as I needed the floor & all sharp objects had to be kept out of reach. 

Now they have all left & set up homes of there own I have taken over one of their bedrooms for my space. It means I can have everything at hand & leave it all where it is & just shut the door when I have to stop. It has ment I’m a lot more productive & there is less risk of Mr B finding a stray pin! 

Of course having a room means everything gets piled up in there & I was starting to disappear under clutter. I wanted to maximise usuable space as a have a wedding dress & my mother-of-the-bride outfit to start.

So after a productive morning I still have all my keepsakes around me but I’m a lot more organised. I’m nearly sorted so thought I’d share some pics

Excuse the bright wall in the last pic…. Remains of my children’s taste. It will be painted white to match the rest of room one day😃

Happy sewing 


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