Sunday Sevens #9

It’s been a busy week at work for me so this week so when I have got out of the salon I’ve been making the most of the sunny weather. 

Monday was my day off so I started the week with a picnic in the park. Just me, a sandwich, the pigeons……

and what seemed like every other person in London who wasn’t at work! 

The garden is starting to look full of colour

I made the most of the evening sun by catching up with this weeks episode of The Sewing Bee on my iPad instead of inside on the TV & finishing some hand sewing in the fresh air.

As my daughters wedding is getting closer we went off to the venue, with all the parents & the bride and groom to be, to have a meal & do a spot of wine tasting. It was a lovely evening & by the time we eventually left it was the middle of the night. I think we decided on the wines but will have to do it all again if not! 

After all that lovely tasting a brisk walk beside the sea was the perfect way to clear our heads the next morning. Not the sunniest of days but very warm & dramatic skys.

To end the week it’s been time to sort out our little caravan so it can find itself some new owners. Sad to see it go as we have had some lovely breaks in it but as we are no longer getting to use it it will be nice to think someone else is getting enjoyment from it. 


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