Adding oomph! 

It’s not very often I wear a full skirted dress but when I do I always feel I  need the added oomph of a net petticoat. I wanted one to show under the bottom of my Ascot dress, from my previous post, so the white one in my wardrobe wasn’t going to be right. 

I had a meter of wide black net, plus some lining,  in my box of leftover bits & managed to pick up the perfect purple piece from our local remnant stall. As the elastic for the waist was a piece  that had had a previous life in another piece of clothing this was a very quick & thrifty make. 

I needed the finished length to be approximately 60 cm therefore cut a 20cm deep strip of lining that was the length of my hip measurement plus ease. The black net was cut into strips across the full width of fabric, each strip 40cm depth, with 4 widths of purple net being cut at 20cm depth. 

Joining the narrow edges of the lining to make into a tube I then finished all the edges with an overlocker.  I could say I used the contrast shade for effect but truthfully I was just too lazy to rethread with black for this short job!

With the elastic sewn into a loop fitting the waist this lining was pinned evenly along length, with elastic stretched  it was then attached with a stretch stitch. 

Next the 2 strips of black net were joined together & a narrow black lace added to the bottom edge. The same was done with the purple net but a bias trim was added to the bottom edge of that one. 

Using a long straight stitch a row of stitching was made along upper edge of purple, then  by pulling the thread it was gathered to fit against the black piece. The purple layer was then attached half way down the black section so the hems formed layers. Finally the net section was added to the bottom edge of lining. 

An evenings work, only a couple pounds spent & I got my oomph 😃


2 thoughts on “Adding oomph! 

  1. Lovely petticoat, I’m just about to start one so will use this a reference, my plan is to make it really poofy, not made one before but think it will be fun


    1. Thank you. Like to see some pics of yours. I think I’ll have to make a fuller one too or maybe a plain black one that I can layer with this one for times I need even more oomph!!


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