Sunday Sevens #10

Not so much of a Sunday seven as a fortnights fourteen!

June was a really busy month & ended in a blur. 

A train journey ment time for a Sewing Bee re-watch! 

I had a little helper in the salon… Got to start training the grandchildren early 

A day at the races. Great day but didn’t pick a winner. 

Morning walk with a cuppa by the river. 

Walk in the park to make the most of the dry weather 

I even tried to eat my lunch outside but the rain hammered down seconds after this pic. I wasn’t giving in though, I just moved my chair under a tree! 

Rainy Sunday afternoon, at least I’m inside here & listening to it fall.

All this rain is at least making the garden grow. Lots of pears this year.

Unusual modes of transport seen in Cornwall!

Visit to the Edem Project to see Sir Tom Jones strut his stuff!! 

More music, I managed to fit in some sewing as I listened to Glastonbury 

Beautiful flowers bought for me as a thank you from customers moving away 

Saw this beautiful Heron as we walked around Battersea Park. 

Making the most of my day off. A cycle along the river with a stop for tea & cake. 

What a busy few weeks… Here’s looking at what July has to bring😃


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