Special makes 

It’s always lovely to find out someone trusts in your skills enough to ask you to make that special something for them. 

Having had a break from sewing for many years I’ve surprised myself how much has come flooding back, so although I mainly sew for myself I do enjoy making for others. A couple years ago I was asked by a friend to make a dress for her for her wedding, a sundress using a favourite blouse as a pattern. Don’t seem to be able to find my pics of it but it was great to be involved. 

Then recently I was asked by a friend to make a prom dress for her daughter. She had a selection of pictures of dresses she liked…the skirt from this one, the bodice like that, back view from that, fabric like this!! 

So that’s exactly what I did with the pattern choice too; skirt from one pattern, bodice front from another then self drafted the side panels and over skirt. 

The bodice had a lace overlay so I pinned & tacked the fabrics together on each panel before stitching. 

Once made up this bodice was hand beaded and the diamanté were glued on.  

You can’t see from the pics but the dress has an a-line satin skirt with split under the chiffon. The chiffon over skirt was a straight gathered panel with a larger split at the same point. All edges on this panel were finished with a double narrow hem. 

I was really pleased with how it turned out.

I was there to see her set off (I was there to do her hair too!) & it was great to see her looking so happy😃

Prom dress crossed off the list so on to the next requested make, my daughter’s wedding dress. The fabric is now all sitting looking wonderful in my sewing room. Time to take a deep breath & start cutting out! 

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