Sunday sevens #11

It’s been a little less hectic since my last Sunday sevens. I’ve actually made a start on my daughters wedding dress (but of course I can’t share any pics of that process yet) so my post may be a little infrequent for the next few months. 

These pics are from the last 2 weeks & it started with a rainy Sunday so what else can you do apart from put your feet up with a cuppa. 

Luckily it didn’t last all day and by late afternoon we were out enjoying a drink in the garden. 

This relaxing day was followed by a very important event…The Sewing Bee final! As I was in London I was lucky enough to go to a meet up of other bloggers & sewers. I’d seen them talking about it on Twitter & it only took to the final week to get there! It was fantastic to put faces to names. 

There was plenty of sewing chat as well as a fabric & pattern swap before the main event. I came away with some lovely bits and I won a copy of the new sewing bee book…a very happy me. 

Back at home I visited a friend to meet her new puppy Bronte, so cute. 

Picked some fresh berries in the garden 

And had another little doggie for a sleepover while her owner was away. This is Lola and we had a lovely evening walking. The weather seems to have now realised its summer so let’s all make the most of it 😃

If you would like to join in with Sunday Sevens read more about it on Threads and Bobbins

2 thoughts on “Sunday sevens #11

    1. It was great to talk sewing with like minded people. My friends don’t sew (although I think I may have just started to get one interested) so it’s usually only online chat I get to do on the subject!
      Thanks, Making the wedding dress is exciting & scary. I’ve done the lining but the outer fabric looks so lovely folded in the box that I don’t really want to cut into it😃

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