Gadget Bean Bag

I recently did my first Tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company.

They produce some great fabrics, I love this cute Mr Fox, and have lots of free tutorials & ideas on their blog. 

The bean bags are quick & easy to make, can be made in any size and would make great gifts.

I’m making use of mine to watch as I sew! 

5 thoughts on “Gadget Bean Bag

  1. Oh, that’s such a genius idea for supporting tablets! I must make one for my Kindle – always get into a pickle trying to eat, hold and read a the same time!

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    1. It’s a quick make too! I’m going to make myself one in a waxed fabric to hold my cook book as I’m baking… Needs to be fabric that can be cleaned easy as I usually manage to get the mixture everywhere!!!


  2. Nicky, in your picture 4 in the tutorial, it’s not clear that you have to draw the curves on both sides. I was about to start making one of these when I examined the photos of the finished item more closely and realized that I wasn’t going to try to have to ease that long curved edge to fit the straight one. Also, tips on getting both curves exactly the same so they’ll match up (like draw a light down the middle of the rectangle, draw the curve on one side, then fold down that middle line and cut both curves at the same time) would be helpful to beginners.


    1. Thanks Cindy, yes there should be another pic that shows I drew the curve on both sides to produce a petal shape, not sure what has happened to that so I will let them know. I did this by folding in half down centre so should have written it down to make it clearer.


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