Sunday Sevens #13

It’s been a while since my last Sunday sevens. Life has become a little chaotic at the moment with my daughters wedding being just under 8 weeks away & a parent in hospital. So it’s been good to look back at my pics to see I have stopped and taken in my surrondings occasionally! 

At the end of last month I was lucky enough to be treated by Mr B to evening out at a lovey restaurant. I loved the Art Deco style & the mellow entertainment.

It was an evening of fantastic food & service. Finished off with a selection of handmade chocolates. 

I really enjoy my visits to London and am amazed how quiet it cam be at 8am… It felt like I had the whole park to myself.

Being in the centre so early also means I get to look in the designer shop windows, before they open, & study all the little details! 

Of course no trip to the city would be complete with a visit to a fabric shop.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy most of the time

And take the train on long journeys instead of driving, relaxing & watching the world go by

This gives me time to do some crafting too. I’m currently keeping the travellers next to me intrigued with what I’m making. I’ll be sharing the pics of that in a seperate post😃

We have had some lovely summer days so have managed to squeeze in a few walks. We packed a picnic for a cuppa with a view.

Had a bbq

I also got to spend an evening with the grandkiddies, always fun….especially when I see the amount of selfies the cheeky boy has taken on my ipad😃