Hello I’m back….

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to blog & this is just a quick update as to what I’ve been doing before I go off on a much needed holiday to relax. 

If you have read any previous posts you will know that I have been sewing  for my daughters wedding. It was a bit hectic during the final couple of months as sadly my father was ill & past away so sewing was put on the back burner. With long days off & late nights we got there in the end with a couple days to spare…. which were then fill with flower arranging, table decorating & finally loading everything in the car to transport. 

Here are just a few pics of my makes: the wedding dress, veil, hair vine, ties, flower girls dress & of course my mother of the bride dress! I’ll be doing separate blog posts for them when I get back. 😃 

Hopefully I will find a pic where my little grand daughter actually faced the camera! 

Mr B scrubbed up ok as well!! 


10 thoughts on “Hello I’m back….

  1. So sorry about your dad. Your daughter looked gorgeous – what a beautiful dress you made her. Looking forward to reading your blog posts on the wedding dress and your lovely outfit.


  2. Hi, I followed the link from your comment on the sewing group on facebook. I must admit that I’ve not read your blogpost just gave it a once over to come back to at a later date but I just wanted to say you did an amazing job on your daughter’s wedding dress and your MOB outfit is beautiful, and the fabric is to gorgeous can’t wait to read where you sourced the fabrics.
    By the way your dad will always be with you because you carry him in your heart.

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  3. Such lovely photos, all the dresses look amazing! Your daughter looks gorgeous and her dress looks like a designer dress, fab job!!! Sorry for you sad news.

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