A little Batik 

When given the chance to pop into a little Batik shop on holiday I couldn’t resist! They had a little tour of the process set up where they explained the stages and displayed some examples. 

They explained there are a certain number of designs they use which they draw out in wax, covering all areas, on both sides, that they want to stay white. The first dying process then takes place before adding another layer of wax to the design to protect the areas thay want to keep in the first tone. This is repeated until design is complete. 

These young ladies were sat around the pot of melted wax, dipping in the nib to draw with, before the fabric moved on to these troughs for the colour to be added & fixed.

It was amazing to see how thick the wax becomes from all the different layers. The fabric was solid looking until it was placed in the hot water to remove. 

I loved seeing how the process is traditionally carried out & of course I had todo just a little shopping. Unfortunately this shop didn’t sell any lengths of fabric,  only ready made items & small panels. Having seen the elephants on safari the day before ( which was amazing & im sure I’ll tell you more about that on another post) i just had to pick one as a memory😃

I think this will become the centre panel for a cushion unless anyone has any interesting suggestions…


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