Mother of the Bride.. 

A month ago I was busy finishing my outfit with only days to go to the wedding. It’s not as if I hadn’t been planning it for ages but still it ended up a rush at the end. 

For over a year I’d been thinking about what I’d wear. I knew I wanted long. It’s not often I get the chance to wear something  elegantly floor length & it also meant no one would notice if I took my shoes off! I also knew I wanted green or purple. 

As soon as I saw Vogue 2237 I fell for the structured shape. 

But then had a little wobble & bought MaCalls 7407, because of the drape neckline, and some lovely feeling velvet from Goldhawk Road. 

However once I saw my daughters faces when I showed them I knew it wasn’t right! They loved the shape of the dress but velvet…..  

So the fabric hunt continued & I started to think of patterns. I had seen an perfume advert in a glossy mag with a girl in a flowing dress covered in oriental blossoms. My mind was set  and on a chance visit to Fabricland I found just the one (& a few others just in case my fabric stash was getting low) a cotton stretch sateen in pale green. A bargain at only £5.99 a metre. 

So it was back to pattern one. I constructed the dress in the opposite order to the instructions. Starting with the foundation. This was made using the main fabric backed with Power net from Sew Curvey. This gave a nice firm but comfortable foundation to the garment, especially when the Spiral steel bones were added


Once I was happy with the foundation I moved on to the lining. Again I used a stretch fabric, just a remnant so not sure of its content, but I only cut this to knee length to eliminate to much fabric being trailed along the floor. 

I used the lining to get the fit before cutting the main fabric. With only 2 pattern pieces it was very quick to come together and the lovely shape is achieved with the very unique shaped darts in the front. 

The little jacket was pretty straightforward too I omitted the shoulder pads as I forgot to ger some & decided I was happy without. 

I was really happy with my outfit on the day. It was very comfortable & survived the eating of a big meal & an evening of dancing. I needn’t have worried about taking my shoes off as flip flops were provide for all. 

( photo by Big Day Photography )

I will make this pattern again, maybe in a shorter version, and the only change I would make is to raise the front neckline slightly as it did seem a little low. 

I liked my dress so much that I had to put it on again as soon as I could. We spent our wedding anniversary in Sri Lanka so  Mr B took this photo of me on the beach before we went for our celebratory meal😃


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