Sparkling snowflakes

I haven’t seemed to have managed to get much sewing done in the last couple months but thought I’d share my quick Christmas decoration idea. 

If you read my last post you will see I made a hairvine from jewellery wire and beads so this gave me an idea to use up the bits left…..sparkly snowflakes. 

I’ve used 4mm Jewellery wire and a selection of different sized beads. Cutting a length approx 50cm I folded in half making a loop then twisted the wires together for about an inch before threading a bead along one end. 

Holding the bead about an inch along wire I folded it back on itself then twisted to along to end of previous twisted section. 

Repeated the process. 

With the last section I simply pushed the end of the wire into the centre of the twists to hide.

1st of many completed 

They are currently twinkling in my salon window😃 Merry Christmas everyone🌲

Bridal Sewing….all the other bits! 

Don’t worry I think this will be the final blog post telling you  all about the wedding… well that’s what Mothers of the Bride do isn’t it! 

So here’s a round up of the bits. 


This was a great easy pattern for a great range of veils. I made the version as shown in the main pic using the same tulle as the dress. 

Once cut out I stitched .5cm from the edge with a narrow zigzag then trimmed down as close to the edge as possible. 

This was then finished off by hand stitching beads evenly spread out along whole of circumference. 

The veil was then gathered & stitched to a comb which had be wound with ribbon. 

Hair Vine. 

With both me & the bride being hairdressers we knew the hair had to be right, & yes I was the hairdresser on the day! 

My daughter had looked at hair vines so with a bit of online research & lots of looking at pics I went & bought wire & beads. 

There are plenty of tutorials online but most seem to make as one long continuous piece & I wanted something a little more portable as I made most of it in short bursts on the train.

Cutting sections of wire approx 15cm long I threaded on a bead, folded in half & twisted for about 1cm before adding another bead bending another section then twisting again. 

The process was repeated then once I had a box full I twisted them together to form a vine. 

It ended up a little more heavenly beaded than planned but as you can squash & bend it, it would still give the effect wanted. 


Every bride needs somewhere to keep her lippy💄so I made a little purse in the dress fabric,  with a little wadding, & lined in the fabric of the grooms tie, using a purse frame. It’s a bit fiddly glueing the fabric into the frame but apart from that a nice little make for a gift.

I made one of these for the first time at a class at  Social Fabric but  unfortunately they don’t seem to have any planned at mo. There are lots of fantastic tutorial online & I find U Handbag great for supplies & tutorials . 

Ties & pocket squares. 

We couldn’t forget the groom & his men. Silk ties were made using a downloaded skinny tie pattern from proper Fit Clothing.

Finally for the little flower girl. 

My daughter decided it would be nice for her niece to carry something she could play with & keep so a rag doll in a dress matching hers seemed perfect. 

Made using a vintage doll pattern it was nearly as big as she was! 

So I think that’s the end of my wedding chatter. It was a fantastic day & worth every minute I spent sewing. 😃