It’s sunday

Can’t remember when I last got around to doing a Sunday seven, weeks have been passing so quickly, and I’ve just realised as I’m sitting here catching up on reading posts that it is Sunday & I have time to look back at my week😃

My week starting with babysitting the grandkiddies on Sunday so their parents could go to the cinema. Part of the day was spent making meringues. 

Grandpa then had to test the mixture which they thought was very funny. 

Unfortunately they weren’t quiet ready before they left so I had to visit them on Monday for the decorating stage and the taste test. 

There was some time for speed sewing as well before we took a trip. Haven’t managed to take pics of the items yet but will be blogging soon. My guest post for Minerva Crafts went live too. 

On Wednesday we flew off to Bulgaria to celebrate my friends 40th birthday.  We explored the snow covered streets of Sofia 

On her actual birthday we danced as it started in a bar she used to work at then after a relaxing day started again for her party in the rooftop bar of the hotel we stayed in. 

It’s been great visiting a new place with a local, she has introduced us to the regional foods & drinks.

We have now moved up into the mountains for a few days. I’m currently sat in the sun on the balcony, relaxing after walking in the snow all morning. We don’t ski ourselves but it’s so beautiful here that we may be convinced to return & have a go one day😃


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