Wrinkly Tee😃

Dec/Jan  issue of Make it Today Dressmaker included this great pattern for a close fitting dress or t-shirt, just what my wardrobe needed. 


I like the way it has wrinkles around the middle area (created by elastic sewn to the seam allowance) which help cover a multitude of sins! 

This top is a quick make with only 5 pieces & I did the whole construction with a stretch machine stitch.  The only part I did different was the neck band. It should have been turned under and top stitched so it didn’t show but rushing I didn’t read the instructions properly. It seemed to work ok so I left it but on the next one I will make sure I do it properly as I think it will sit better. 

I wore this top a lot while I was away & the weather was cold as its ideal to layer up and is a great length that doesn’t ride up. 

I can see this pattern becoming a wardrobe basic for me. 

If you read this issue of Dressmaker you may have also noticed me & my daughter sneaking onto the latest makes page😊


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