It’s been an extra busy week at work so wasn’t sure I’d actually taken many pics.

 Last weekend we were dog sitting the lovely Lola, a staffie who’s a real lady! Her idea of a nice day was cuddling up with Mr B on the sofa watching rugby or taking over our bed. I did however manage to drag her away from being tickled for a lovely 4 mile walk through the woods towards the coast. She didn’t like the mud but was happy to have a paddle in the stream. 

Of course Tuesday was Valentine’s Day but as Mr B was going to be travelling back to work on that day we decided to have our romantic meal on Monday…bubbly, fire, Chinese take-away….perfect. 

As it happened I ended up having a space at work on the Tuesday afternoon so he stopped off at the salon on his drive back for a spot of afternoon tea😃

We have had some very misy mornings making some interesting view on the daily drive. 

This weekend started with a charity fashion show. It’s was the spring/summer range of the designer range we stock in the salon, ID Fashion, so was great to see the new pieces. 

We made our first visit to a wine bar (I say first visit as we already thought of returning today) and enjoyed an amazing bottle of New Zealand wine. They also gave the option to taste a variety by giving the glass & a charge card for you to wander along the vast selection of dispensers where you could choose the measure you wanted. Forgot to take a pic of that but I did take one of our choice so we remember the name. 

The week has ended with another lovely walk (well I needed to work off all that food & drink somehow) and that mist was sweeping in again…. we watched it while eating another scone, oops😃


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