Little black dress

You can’t go wrong with a black dress can you! I have a selection of them already but wanted something that could look dressy but was easy to squash up in a backpack to travel without looking like a crumpled rag at the other end. 

I bought this textured a knit a while back to make a sweater with but decided I could squeeze a dress out of it instead. 

Being a beginners pattern I thought this dress, with the interesting neckline,  would be a quick make & I was right😃 As the fabric had some stretch across it I even got away without putting a zip in. 

I’ve used Simple Sew patterns before so cut my usual size & within no time it was done! 

The neckline turned out a little wider that I expected so I decided it needed a little extra detail! Out came the pliers & eyelets, an ofcut of cord & a tassel saved from who knows what😂

It got packed in my bag & survived the journey. It was comfortable to wear & felt smart(forgot to take pics of me wearing)  The only problem was the facings felt like they rolled out a bit due to fabric weight so I might get it back on the sewing table and topstitch that😃

Sunday Sevens

It’s been a busy few weeks so here’s what I’ve been up to😃

Lovely to see some blue skies, makes the walk into work so much better. This is The Narrows in Totnes. My salon is just out of view but you can see the castle peeping over the rooftops. 

Unfortunately not all days started so blue! 

A working visit to London meant a late arrival on a wonderfully clear night. Although a Devon girl I really feel at home in the city & feel lucky to get to visit so often. 

As I said it was a business visit & yes I am working here….sort of! 

The following weekend I travelled up again but that was more sewing related. I had won tickets to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia, which I really enjoyed, but also found time for some lovely walks along the Thames. 

Finishing off the weekend I also squeezed in a visit to the V&A to see the Undressed  exhibition just before it ended, it also gave me the chance to have a look at the fashion section at the museum that was closed last time I visited. 

After a busy week at work this weekend has been a quiet one at home, sewing. We did venture out for a blustery walk along the coast though. So lucky to have views like this only a 10 minute drive away. 

As you will have worked out this Sunday Sevens covers 3 weeks not one….how time flies when your having fun😃

Sunday Sevens is a great idea from Natalie at Threads and Bobbins so you can see what we are up to when we’re not sewing! 

Finally unwrapped😃

Towards the end of summer last year I was mid frenzy with wedding sewing. I had so many ideas, much of which involved personalisation, when I read an article on embroidery machines and the seed was sewn for an one to me added to my wish list. 

When Mr B started looking into purchasing work wear with his company logo on we thought this could be the perfect excuse for my wish to become reality😃

There are so many on the market it was difficult to know where to start, I didn’t know anyone who had one so had no recommendations from them, but decided as I like my Brother sewing machine I’d start by looking at them. Contacting the lovely & patient Alex at Jaycotts I was guided through the features that most suited my needs and after countless emails the decision was made…the Innov-is 800E was on its way. 

Then family life took over and apart from a quick sneak in the large box on arrival it got pushed to the corner of my sewing room to wait patiently. 

This weekend it has had its grand un-boxing🎉 With a mixture of excitement and nervousness I read through the instructions. It all looked so complicated I was a bit worried  but with a deep breath I started to work through page by page. 

In no time at all I had it threaded, fabric prepared and a single colour design appearing right in front of my eyes. 

The large colour LCD touch screen makes it easy to see the designs and the position on which it will be sewn. You can get the frame to move to preview the embroidery area to double check that you have it exactly where you want it, which I found really useful. 

After my initial pattern I’ve now worked out how to do some text, changing the size of the font, it’s position and how to lay it out on a curve. 

Small beginnings I know & I have so far to go but I think I’m going to have so much fun with this machine. It’s not so complicated as I feared and I’ve been out & bought a selection of coloured threads now so look out for a rainbow of designs. 

I’ll keep you all updated with my progress and what I think of the machine as I go along. (All views are my own & I have no connections to Jaycotts or Brother)