Finally unwrapped😃

Towards the end of summer last year I was mid frenzy with wedding sewing. I had so many ideas, much of which involved personalisation, when I read an article on embroidery machines and the seed was sewn for an one to me added to my wish list. 

When Mr B started looking into purchasing work wear with his company logo on we thought this could be the perfect excuse for my wish to become reality😃

There are so many on the market it was difficult to know where to start, I didn’t know anyone who had one so had no recommendations from them, but decided as I like my Brother sewing machine I’d start by looking at them. Contacting the lovely & patient Alex at Jaycotts I was guided through the features that most suited my needs and after countless emails the decision was made…the Innov-is 800E was on its way. 

Then family life took over and apart from a quick sneak in the large box on arrival it got pushed to the corner of my sewing room to wait patiently. 

This weekend it has had its grand un-boxing🎉 With a mixture of excitement and nervousness I read through the instructions. It all looked so complicated I was a bit worried  but with a deep breath I started to work through page by page. 

In no time at all I had it threaded, fabric prepared and a single colour design appearing right in front of my eyes. 

The large colour LCD touch screen makes it easy to see the designs and the position on which it will be sewn. You can get the frame to move to preview the embroidery area to double check that you have it exactly where you want it, which I found really useful. 

After my initial pattern I’ve now worked out how to do some text, changing the size of the font, it’s position and how to lay it out on a curve. 

Small beginnings I know & I have so far to go but I think I’m going to have so much fun with this machine. It’s not so complicated as I feared and I’ve been out & bought a selection of coloured threads now so look out for a rainbow of designs. 

I’ll keep you all updated with my progress and what I think of the machine as I go along. (All views are my own & I have no connections to Jaycotts or Brother)


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