Sunday Sevens

It’s been a busy few weeks so here’s what I’ve been up to😃

Lovely to see some blue skies, makes the walk into work so much better. This is The Narrows in Totnes. My salon is just out of view but you can see the castle peeping over the rooftops. 

Unfortunately not all days started so blue! 

A working visit to London meant a late arrival on a wonderfully clear night. Although a Devon girl I really feel at home in the city & feel lucky to get to visit so often. 

As I said it was a business visit & yes I am working here….sort of! 

The following weekend I travelled up again but that was more sewing related. I had won tickets to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia, which I really enjoyed, but also found time for some lovely walks along the Thames. 

Finishing off the weekend I also squeezed in a visit to the V&A to see the Undressed  exhibition just before it ended, it also gave me the chance to have a look at the fashion section at the museum that was closed last time I visited. 

After a busy week at work this weekend has been a quiet one at home, sewing. We did venture out for a blustery walk along the coast though. So lucky to have views like this only a 10 minute drive away. 

As you will have worked out this Sunday Sevens covers 3 weeks not one….how time flies when your having fun😃

Sunday Sevens is a great idea from Natalie at Threads and Bobbins so you can see what we are up to when we’re not sewing! 


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens

  1. I guess it’s not surprising we’ve been having the same weather 🙂 How did you find the Knitting and Stitching show? I went last year and was very disappointed how few knitting and stitching stalls there were.

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