Little black dress

You can’t go wrong with a black dress can you! I have a selection of them already but wanted something that could look dressy but was easy to squash up in a backpack to travel without looking like a crumpled rag at the other end. 

I bought this textured a knit a while back to make a sweater with but decided I could squeeze a dress out of it instead. 

Being a beginners pattern I thought this dress, with the interesting neckline,  would be a quick make & I was right😃 As the fabric had some stretch across it I even got away without putting a zip in. 

I’ve used Simple Sew patterns before so cut my usual size & within no time it was done! 

The neckline turned out a little wider that I expected so I decided it needed a little extra detail! Out came the pliers & eyelets, an ofcut of cord & a tassel saved from who knows what😂

It got packed in my bag & survived the journey. It was comfortable to wear & felt smart(forgot to take pics of me wearing)  The only problem was the facings felt like they rolled out a bit due to fabric weight so I might get it back on the sewing table and topstitch that😃


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