Sunday Sevens 22

Sunday Sevens was started by Natalie at Threads and bobbins & in joining in again to keep a record of what I’ve been up to in between hair snipping & sewing! 

My week started with a lovely 5 mile walk along the costal path in lovely sunshine 

and through shady bluebell woods. 

I made a clip purse for a cat lover with a cute fabric of cats at the cinema, although the cats look a little anxious to me so not sure what they are watching. 

It was my birthday on Wednesday so I was woken by a singing Mr B with tea & birthday cake…I didn’t actually eat it for breakfast but was tempted! 

Rest of day was spent seeing family, with lunch & a walk along a windy Exmouth seafront. 

My children bought me a new Fitbit to keep track of all the walking I’m doing. On the next two busy days in the salon I did my 10,000 steps while working. 

I took Saturday off to have birthday trip into London. We walked around Little Venice, an area we hadn’t discovered before. There was a festival there so lots of lovely boats were open for us to take a peek. 

After walking over 9miles around the city the day was perfectly ended with a show. The school of rock was fantastic 

I think I need to relax today to get over it all!  Happy Sunday 😃

Sunday Sevens 21

This week I’ve been attempting a spot of very chunky knitting. The 25mm needles are a bit big for my hands! 

With Easter at the start of this week we spent our days with family. Had a lovely afternoon walking around Lukesland Gardens with my mum. 

I think we timed it just right to see it at its best, 

Then family lunch the following day. With 13 of us to feed MrB manned the BBQ. 

There was also a game of stick the tail on the bunny! 

The lovely weather has ment some beautiful sunsets. The best view from our house is leaning out the bedroom window…I’m sure the neighbours wonder what I’m up to when I’m trying to get a pic! 

My week ended with the car having a visit to the garage & an early walk for me to meet my lift to work. 

I have been sewing along the way too but it was pattern testing so no pics allowed yet😃


Happy Easter 🐣 

After my nanna duties finished last weekend I made the drive up to Surrey and spent the Sunday in the gorgeous sunshine with Mr B walking along a canal. 

It was so peaceful, just listening to the birdsong, apart from the bit where we went under the M25. But we were distracted from the rumbling over head by the fantastic Graffiti art on the structure below. 

Back on a quieter stretch we were rewarded with a close up view of a Heron. 

My visit ended with an evening picnic by the lake watching the sun starting to set. Took so many pics I could do a whole blog just with them! 

With still bright mornings I’ve had balloons to watch, drifting along, on my journey to work.

It’s been lovely to have a short week at work this week, but Mr B was still working & had to do a site visit to Seaton, Devon, so I tagged along. It was a chilly day but was nice to see the old trams still running. 

We then had a visit to his mum & I wandered around her garden. 

It’s lovely to see colours appearing everywhere. 

Sunday Sevens was the idea of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins 😃

Sunday sevens 

Hope your all having the same lovely weather where you are. This week it’s been fantastically sunny everyday for me!

The week started with a long Sunday walk along the Cornish costal path. We walked from Seaton to Looe. The scenery was amazing along the 4.5mile walk. 

It felt a lot longer than that though due to the steep inclines, so  we had to reward ourselves with fish & chips to refuel for the walk back. 

I had the grandkiddes for the week while my eldest & her husband went away for their anniversary so we made the most of getting out & about. 

Tuesday we went to visit my other daughter in Exmouth. We spent a lovely day in the play park and walking along the sea front. 

It was lovely not being in work but we had to pop up there on Thursday so we met my mum & ate lunch by the river. 

It was a slightly breezy day that we went to one of our local Plymouth beaches. With wellies on we paddled & threw stones

But they didn’t stay dry for long as Little miss just walked in till the sea flowed over her wellie tops….. got wet feet nanna😂

Our lovely, but exhausting, week ended with a walk along the River Exe before handing them back to mummy & daddy. 

Now a quiet weekend & a glass or two of wine to recover 😃

March bottoms! 

With the #projectsewit theme for March being bottoms I thought it would be the perfect time to finally make some jeans. Unfortunately time flew so it got changed to a quick make in the last few days of the month instead. 

I needed some trousers that I could lounge about in after a day at work. As comfortable as pj’s but a little more day wear! 

I already had this pattern & a suitable knit fabric. 

I made the full length version. With each leg made from one piece, & a fold over waistband to form the casing for the elastic, these were ready in a few hours. 

Oh so comfortable, they’ve been worn loads already😃

Dressing for lunch! 

With the invite to a charity lunch it had to mean a new dress. I wanted something smart & different but not too dressy……so I came up with the idea of this evening/wedding dress pattern but in denim! 

So with 3 days to go I set about starting! 

Making view c but with the shorter length of view B as the length, I just squeezed the dress pieces onto the black stretch denim that had been bought ages ago with the plan to make jeans. As it had a good amount of stretch I choose to line in Power Net (bought from Sew Curvy) with the thought that as well as providing a bit of built in tummy control it would help give a nice smooth shape while being firm enough to hold the Boning in place.  

Moving the zip to the side seam ment I could add the lace up section in the back seam. This was done by angling the seam line, after the fitting had been done, to produce an open V shape.  

Using black satin bias & narrow piping cord to edge the top, once it was all put together I had the scary job of punching the holes for the eyelets!! 

The same bias was used to make a narrow cord for lacing and to finish the hem edge. 

I was really pleased with the finished result & it felt really comfortable to wear, while eating & having a dance! I didn’t get any pics wearing at the lunch unfortunately. 

At the last minute I was afraid I’d feel a little bare so the night before I got out the scraps & managed to squeeze a waistcoat out of them. Using New Look 6914 but shortening the back section, I managed to finish it with an hour to spare…nothing like putting pressure on myself! 

Sunday Sevens

Looking though my pics I’ve just realised I haven’t taken any this week, so my seven today are the ones I ment to put on last week!! 

I became a lady that lunches for the day! A spring charity lunch that involved a lovely meal, cabaret act, dancing & a glass or two of bubbles….all to raise money for a worthy cause. Of course I needed a new dress so that will be blogged soon. 

A good long walk helped work off that lunch. 

But then we had to stop half way for refreshments 

With the spring weather & lighter nights it’s been nice to actually get back out in the conservatory for a cuppa after work. 

The same night we had the most spectacular sunset & I’ve found I get the best view leaning out the bedroom window. 

Of course last Sunday was Mother’s Day so my day had to include a few more bubbles!