Dressing for lunch! 

With the invite to a charity lunch it had to mean a new dress. I wanted something smart & different but not too dressy……so I came up with the idea of this evening/wedding dress pattern but in denim! 

So with 3 days to go I set about starting! 

Making view c but with the shorter length of view B as the length, I just squeezed the dress pieces onto the black stretch denim that had been bought ages ago with the plan to make jeans. As it had a good amount of stretch I choose to line in Power Net (bought from Sew Curvy) with the thought that as well as providing a bit of built in tummy control it would help give a nice smooth shape while being firm enough to hold the Boning in place.  

Moving the zip to the side seam ment I could add the lace up section in the back seam. This was done by angling the seam line, after the fitting had been done, to produce an open V shape.  

Using black satin bias & narrow piping cord to edge the top, once it was all put together I had the scary job of punching the holes for the eyelets!! 

The same bias was used to make a narrow cord for lacing and to finish the hem edge. 

I was really pleased with the finished result & it felt really comfortable to wear, while eating & having a dance! I didn’t get any pics wearing at the lunch unfortunately. 

At the last minute I was afraid I’d feel a little bare so the night before I got out the scraps & managed to squeeze a waistcoat out of them. Using New Look 6914 but shortening the back section, I managed to finish it with an hour to spare…nothing like putting pressure on myself! 


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