Happy Easter 🐣 

After my nanna duties finished last weekend I made the drive up to Surrey and spent the Sunday in the gorgeous sunshine with Mr B walking along a canal. 

It was so peaceful, just listening to the birdsong, apart from the bit where we went under the M25. But we were distracted from the rumbling over head by the fantastic Graffiti art on the structure below. 

Back on a quieter stretch we were rewarded with a close up view of a Heron. 

My visit ended with an evening picnic by the lake watching the sun starting to set. Took so many pics I could do a whole blog just with them! 

With still bright mornings I’ve had balloons to watch, drifting along, on my journey to work.

It’s been lovely to have a short week at work this week, but Mr B was still working & had to do a site visit to Seaton, Devon, so I tagged along. It was a chilly day but was nice to see the old trams still running. 

We then had a visit to his mum & I wandered around her garden. 

It’s lovely to see colours appearing everywhere. 

Sunday Sevens was the idea of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins 😃


7 thoughts on “#SundaySevens20

  1. Good to see that you had plenty of blue skies this week, too. Doesn’t everywhere look better in the sunshine? Lucky you being treated to a close encounter with a heron, they’re magnificent creatures. Beautiful sunset picture and how nice of that swan to oblige at the perfect time!

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    1. The Heron looked like he was posing for the pic…he turned the perfect profile! As for the swan, he stayed just in front of us on the lake for the whole evening😃
      Was just reading your Sunday Sevens & it looks like you had an amazing couple of weeks too! Boys look very smart with the new cuts & im loving the latest sock wool!

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