Sunday Sevens 21

This week I’ve been attempting a spot of very chunky knitting. The 25mm needles are a bit big for my hands! 

With Easter at the start of this week we spent our days with family. Had a lovely afternoon walking around Lukesland Gardens with my mum. 

I think we timed it just right to see it at its best, 

Then family lunch the following day. With 13 of us to feed MrB manned the BBQ. 

There was also a game of stick the tail on the bunny! 

The lovely weather has ment some beautiful sunsets. The best view from our house is leaning out the bedroom window…I’m sure the neighbours wonder what I’m up to when I’m trying to get a pic! 

My week ended with the car having a visit to the garage & an early walk for me to meet my lift to work. 

I have been sewing along the way too but it was pattern testing so no pics allowed yet😃


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