Sunday Sevens 22

Sunday Sevens was started by Natalie at Threads and bobbins & in joining in again to keep a record of what I’ve been up to in between hair snipping & sewing! 

My week started with a lovely 5 mile walk along the costal path in lovely sunshine 

and through shady bluebell woods. 

I made a clip purse for a cat lover with a cute fabric of cats at the cinema, although the cats look a little anxious to me so not sure what they are watching. 

It was my birthday on Wednesday so I was woken by a singing Mr B with tea & birthday cake…I didn’t actually eat it for breakfast but was tempted! 

Rest of day was spent seeing family, with lunch & a walk along a windy Exmouth seafront. 

My children bought me a new Fitbit to keep track of all the walking I’m doing. On the next two busy days in the salon I did my 10,000 steps while working. 

I took Saturday off to have birthday trip into London. We walked around Little Venice, an area we hadn’t discovered before. There was a festival there so lots of lovely boats were open for us to take a peek. 

After walking over 9miles around the city the day was perfectly ended with a show. The school of rock was fantastic 

I think I need to relax today to get over it all!  Happy Sunday 😃


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